Our trays are the best in South Jersey. Our staff can accommodate any request. For the freshest sandwich, meat and smoked fish trays for all occasions our catering department is at your service. Dessert trays, Fruit trays, Vegetable trays among others available. Call 609-823-2741. Ask for Jessica, our Catering manager.

Mouth Watering Appetizers

Get appy! We have all of the perfect mouth watering appetizers you need for any occasion. We can create beautifully arranged appetizer trays filled to the brim with fried shrimp, cold shrimp, cheese and crackers, crudite, and more! Anything and everything bite-sized that your heart desires can be found at Casel’s!

We can accommodate any request just call 609-823-2741. Ask for Jessica, our Catering manager.

Cheese Tray

This tray offers a nice selection of cheeses and crackers that compliment anything else you may choose to serve. Serves 8 -10 people.

Crudite Tray

Delicious fresh veggies from our own produce department. Carrots, celery, peppers, cukes, mini tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower will keep your guests happy, until the next platter.

Cold Shrimp Tray

A nice compliment for any occasion. A generous supply of freshly peeled shrimp with a center of cocktail sauce. Serves 10 people.


This delicious antipasto tray is a combination of meat, cheese, fruit, peppers, crackers and more!

A Feast For Your Party

Forget the frozen pizza! We can cater everything you need to host the perfect party. Our trays are the best in South Jersey! Need burgers for the barbeque, finger foods for the bridal shower or hot wings for game day? Our catering department is at your service. Pick up a delicious feast for any number of events today!

We can accommodate any request just call 609-823-2741. Ask for Jessica, our Catering manager.

Sandwich Platter

All of our meats are cooked fresh in our kitchen daily. Tell us your choices of meats and cheeses, the number of people that you would like to serve and we do the rest. Our trays include potato salad, pickles and olives. On the side we also supply cole slaw, russian dressing, mayonnaise and mustard. When you get the tray home, all you have to do is unwrap it.

Meat Tray

The only difference between this tray and our sandwich tray is that your guests make the sandwiches instead of us. We supply everything including rye bread and rolls. Casel's takes into account that when making your own sandwich you may not make it as thick as we do on our sandwich tray but you will make more than one. It depends on what you want your guests to do.

Smoked Fish Tray

Our famous homemade whitefish salad surrounded by kippered salmon, freshly sliced nova lox and our own chopped herring. Add tomatoes, red onions, black and green olives on a bed of lettuce and you have our tray. We include cream cheese, 1-1/2 bagels per person, and two choices of sliced cheese. Just tell us the number of people you are having and place your order. We usually count kids as a 1/2 person or less. We can substitute or add anything to meet your needs.

Wrap Tray

Take any of our sandwich tray ideas and make them into wraps. Choose from Spinach, Tomato or Whole Wheat wraps. Have them filled with our Tuna Salad, Egg Salad or Chicken Salad or choose from any meats in our deli. If you are vegetarian, we do grilled vegetable wraps. We can accommodate any request.

Home Cooked Dinners

Meals just like mama used to make! Come on in and get the taste of home you’ve been craving with one of our many home cooked dinner options. Some home cooked possibilities include pork roast, filet dinner, poached salmon and a turkey dinner. Don’t tell your mother but ours just might be even better!

We can accommodate any request just call 609-823-2741. Ask for Jessica, our Catering manager and let us help you with your menu. Here are just five of the possibilities...

Filet Dinner

Poached Salmon

Pork Roast

Turkey Dinner

Rib Roast

To Die-For Desserts

Finally indulge and enjoy that taste you’ve been craving with our to die-for desserts. We are famous for our delicious treats, such as our sticky buns which are a must try! Our sweets satisfy any sugary desire, but buyer beware: you may crave more! Come by Casel’s today to taste what you have been missing.

We can accommodate any request just call 609-823-2741. Ask for Jessica, our Catering manager.

Dessert Tray

Our delicious miniature Danish and Casel’s Classic Cinnamon Buns are baked from scratch. Order a tray to fit your needs.

Cut Fruit Platter

Delicious fresh fruit picked that day from our own fruit department. If it's not fresh you won't see it on your platter.

Delicious Fruit Baskets and Bowls

Our delicious fruit baskets and bowls are packed and perfect for a summer celebration! They are also great gifts for any occasion. Surprise someone special with our baskets and bowls. Many of our customers love how they can customize the basket to their liking. Ask for any combination and we will fulfill your request!

We can accommodate any request just call 609-823-2741. Ask for Jessica, our Catering manager.

Luau Fruit Bowl

Fruit Basket

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